Our vision

Our vision - a girl and mother smiling at camera

We believe that every woman and child has the right to feel safe in their home.

At VLMFSS, we want to work together to end family violence. We believe that every woman and child has the right to feel safe in their home.

Our vision is to create a nurturing and inclusive society where each refugee and immigrant woman and child is safe and has access to appropriate resources and support.

Through education, prevention and intervention we strive to create an environment of empowerment, healing and lasting positive change.

“VLMFSS helped me to start a new life in the most difficult time. I do not have anybody close to me in Canada, no relatives or friends I can turn to for help. This organization helped me in not feeling lonely, helpless and supportless. Now my daughter and I feel happy, I regained my self-esteem. Thank you.”

– Anonymous (Client)


Our mission

Let’s work together to end family violence

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, education, and intervention services to empower refugee and racialized immigrant women and children who have experienced family violence. Through a holistic approach that combines prevention, advocacy, and culturally sensitive care, we aim to break the cycle of violence and create a safe space where survivors can heal, learn, and thrive. By collaborating with diverse communities and partners, we strive to raise awareness, promote policy changes, and build a future where every individual can live free from the shadows of abuse and find their path towards a brighter tomorrow.

VLMFSS provides supportive counseling, emotional and practical support services to women, children and their families in various stages of escaping violence (intimate partner, domestic violence/familial violence and gender-based violence) and throughout their interactions with the legal and social systems. We provide educational programs to create awareness and to mobilize ethno-cultural communities to explore and strategize prevention of violence. We seek to create cultural responsiveness amongst professionals and the public.

Our values

These values guide our organization’s actions and decisions, shaping our commitment to creating a world where refugee and racialized immigrant women and children can overcome family violence and thrive.

We provide free, confidential, culturally responsive, and women-centred services



You can contact us by phone, text or email. All our programs and services are of no cost to you.



You can speak to us in over 24 languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, Persian, Dari, Pashto, Telegu, Gujarati, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and many more.



We provide a safe and supportive environment that prioritizes women's unique experiences and challenges.



We understand it can be hard to talk about family violence. What you tell us will be kept private.


Culturally responsive

We value cultural diversity and provide tailored support that respects your unique needs, beliefs and perspectives.

Mom and two kids

Your donation provides crucial support to those in need

Your contribution can help break the cycle of violence and offer hope to those in need. Even a small donation can make a big difference in the fight against family violence.

Let's work together to end family violence

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