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ADAGE (Attitudes Development for Gender Equality) is a project that revisits on a general understanding that the quality of any relationships can be defined and influenced by the attitudes that we have- what we believe, how we feel and how we act towards others.

It is the primordial objective of the ADAGE Project to identify and address attitude (thinking, feeling and behavior) that needs to be addressed/changed in order to prevent family violence and build on gender equality.

The ADAGE project is unique in many ways as this is a grassroot based project that engages various sectors of the community in identifying attitudes that can be addressed in preventing family violence on a more interpersonal, family and micro levels. It also invites reflection and working towards a common ground in terms of fostering a healthy relationship among members of the family that can be expanded to the community levels.

Focus group results underscored the significance of respectful relationships as an essential element in preventing family violence. Respect as a personal choice became the overarching theme for the development of the educational module.

It is our sincerest hope, that the educational module designed for Newcomers in Canada, will provide the impetus to reflect on building a healthy and respectful family life in Canada.

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